November 20, 2015


baraza payroll

Make Payroll-related Strategic & Tactical Decisions

Baraza Payroll is a low-cost payroll solution that supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools.


Payroll processing is a very meticulous and vital component of operating a business – people must be paid accurately and on time. It not only involves just paying employees, a number of concerns from employees such as employee benefits, different taxes in different categories, salaried or hourly, vacation time, sick time, over time should all be factored in when processing employee payment. Writing checks manually just simply doesn’t cut it anymore and keeping your head wrapped around all the various tax rules you need to know is just not practical .This calls for an efficient and reliable payroll system.

DEW CIS solutions have developed the Baraza Payroll System, a low-cost payroll solution that supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools. The system comprises of integrated modules in all aspects of Human Resource Management and payroll functions including management of pension disbursements. The software is preferably configured on server to be accessed by various authorized users from their respective workstations.


The Baraza Payroll system provides the ultimate solution for organizations and Higher Education Institutions with a diverse range from small to large employee base. It offers support for accountants representing multiple clients or can be used directly by small and mid-sized businesses.

In addition, DEW CIS do supplies, maintenance of computer hardware, network systems, server systems, deployment and integration of off-shelf software, creating in-house software and training and support of such systems. We are geared towards providing full IT support for all organizations, we partner with you to provide complete IT support.

Structure of Baraza Payroll



Problems with Manual Payroll Systems

"Manual" means that either the employer or an employee within the business calculates the payroll for each pay period. This involves assessing taxes, insurance, vacation time, and other applicable deductions in relation to earnings.
This manual way of calculation has a number of limitations:

  • Too much of employer's or employees' time will be heavily spent on engaging in the payroll process. There are complex taxation calculations that need to be computed and reports of the same generated, which are time consuming especially for organizations with large number of employees.
  • For an employee or employer to process the payroll, they must be very conversant with the various computations involved. This requires the organization to hire experts who will be an additional expense.
  • It is very easy to make a mistake and the penalty for mistakes can be quite costly.

System Benefits and Objectives

A computerized payroll system is ideal for small and midsized organizations to facilitate in accurate and timely employee payment processing.

Below are some of the features that are incorporated in the Baraza payroll system:

  • Payroll has an advanced Salary Processing module; an authorized user requires to select the appropriate criteria for employees whose salary needs to be processed. It can also control processing order of payroll elements. It supports multiple processing within a period thus allowing changes to be made at any time before closing the month.
  • Employees are grouped into user definable categories, branches, departments, and designations.
  • Comprehensive Employee Details like employees' benefits, insurance and pension schemes, qualifications, Personal details, PIN, NSSF, NHIF numbers.
  • User Definable Payments and Deductions like Over Time, salary advance, absenteeism and has room for unlimited number of other payments and deductions i.e.: allowances. Pay revision is also a unique feature in the system for salary revision and appraisals. Formulas too can be created for various payments and deductions.
  • Employee photographs and ID Cards can also be scanned and stored in system for viewing and printing.
  • Various loans with interests and Fringe Benefits can always be created in the software with room for changing and editing rates. Supports unlimited number of Co-operatives, Unions, Mortgages and other credit institution loans whose decreasing balances and Interest are computed and managed to completion. The interest charged on a loan is user configurable and may be based on reducing balance or compound interest. Supports unlimited number of savings and contributory schemes, where incremental balances are maintained and interests accrued System supports the starting and stopping of loans processing at will. The user may put any loan on hold. Further provision to reschedule loan by period or amount, early completion and additional recovery make our Loan module a dynamic one to handle any kind of situation.
  • Authorized system users will be able to design the pay slips to their satisfaction. In addition any other information relevant to a particular employee can be communicated on the pay slip. For instance loans and saving details.
  • Bank transfers, cash and Cheque payments reports are available once one auto calculates. The Baraza payroll system has provision for a facility for direct online bank transfers which can be integrated with various Banks.

The payroll system has an Import and Export facility that allows authorized users to export and import data to and from the system. This comes in handy for companies with multi branches; monthly transactions of an outside branch can be filled in excel and sent via mail to the payroll administrator who will simply import the transactions in the system rather than inputting manually.