Human Resource

Baraza HCM is a comprehensive Human Resource and talent management Software Solution encompassing not only traditional core human resource functions but also incorporates key aspects of talent management.
Features Include;

  • Organizational structure and Hierachy
  • Employee Management including Employee life-cycle
  • Employee self-service
  • CV Generation
  • Recruitment management
  • Casuals management
  • Leave management
  • Arbitration/Discipline management
  • Performance appraisal
  • Training and development management


Baraza Payroll is a low-cost payroll solution that supports an unlimited number of employees and users, with support for tracking benefit accruals and multiple deduction types, as well as providing compliance reporting tools.
Features Include;

  • Employee Information management
  • Allowances management
  • Deductions Management
  • Statutory Deductions management
  • Advance management
  • Benefit management
  • Loans management
  • Salary scale management
  • Bank management
  • Pension management

Time Attendance

Baraza Time and Attendance allows the admin to keep track of the employee's attendance. It also has an integrated BioMetric system for attendance. A 'Biometric' attendance machine captures an employee details and later imported to the system..
Features Include;

  • Employee In and Out Board
  • Employee Interface to clock in and clock out
  • Attendance data import
  • Monitor employee via geolocation/geofencing
  • Manage Paid Time Off ( PTO )
  • Employee Schedule management
  • Employee Self-service
  • Integration with HR, Payroll and Project Management
  • Employee Messaging

Project Planning

Baraza Project Management System allows the user to create projects and add various details of the projects.These details include but not limitted to project phases, project staffs, project tasks and project budget / cost
Features Include;

  • Definition of Project types
  • Project management; Tasks, phases and project staff management
  • Time and Attendance management
  • Time sheet generation
  • Project team management
  • Client management
  • Project costing, budgeting and invoicing
  • Management of different project methodologies


Baraza Business automates processes and gives visibility and control over your inventory, financial reporting, point-of-sale and customer/supplier information. Utilizing the latest technology and integration facilities.
Features Include;

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Sales process management
  • Purchase process management
  • Transaction ledger
  • Budgeting
  • Asset management
  • Store management
  • Petty cash management


Baraza Property is a web application that facilitates the operations and control of commercial or rental properties; a useful tool for property managers.

Features Include;

  • Property Management
  • Property owners management
  • Property managers management
  • Tenants management
  • Tenant self service
  • Client Self-service
  • Transactional ledger
  • Payment management


Baraza Chama improves operations, collaboration bringing together Chama members online regardless of their geographical location and/or background.
Features Include;

  • Member Management
  • Member Self-Service
  • Contribution and Shares Management module
  • Loan Management
  • Loan interest management
  • Meetings management
  • Expenditure management
  • Investments management
  • General ledger


Baraza Banking allows customers to create account(s), deposit/withdraw funds, acquire and pay back loans, buy and sell commodities, and view of reports of all transactions.
Features Include;

  • Accounts management
  • Customer management
  • Customer-Account management
  • Deposits/Withdrawal Management
  • Commodity Trade
  • Transfer management
  • Loans management
  • Loan interest management
  • Penalty management
  • Operations(Client and Supplier) management


Baraza SACCO is a modular based application software that is integrated to provide a fully-fledged Enterprise level Software Suite to manage the daily running of a Sacco.
Features Include;

  • Member Management
  • Member Self-Service
  • Contribution Management module
  • Loan management
  • Loan interest management
  • Dividend management
  • Sacco investments
  • Credit management
  • General ledger
  • Alert Module


Baraza UMIS enhances collaboration bringing together university operations including student application and registration, finance and accommodation records, students records and grading etc
Features Include;

  • Online Application and Registration
  • Students Records Management
  • Admissions Records Management
  • Student Grading
  • Examinations Management
  • Events and Timetabling


Judiciary provides access to the customer to create an account(s), deposit/withdraw funds, acquire and pay back loans, and view of reports of all transactions.
Features Include;

  • Bank management
  • Bank accounts management
  • Customer management
  • Customer-Account management
  • Deposits/Withdrawal Management
  • Transfer management
  • Loans management
  • Loan interest management
  • Penalty management
  • Operations(Client and Supplier) management


Baraza School automates the schools' operations making it easy to track admissions, students' records, grading, school events. It offers a provision for parent-teacher interaction.
Features Include;

  • Timetabling and Class Scheduling
  • Instructor/Teacher Self-Service
  • Students'/Pupils Management
  • Payments Module
  • Events Management
  • Alert Module

Openbaraza Framework

Baraza Framework is a high-level Java Web framework that encourages fast development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your project without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.

    Baraza was designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

    Sane defaults and built-in tools helps you write solid and secure code.

    Yet highly intuitive and easy to use, in just a matter of hours become a pro.

Openbaraza Community


    The name baraza is used because the system came around by many heads with big minds coming together to develop it so as to come up with a working reliable system. The Baraza Framework is a development Java Development initiative that makes application development easy. The framework takes advantage of XML to define its components. Using the framework, desktop applications, applets can be easily deployed using the same XML document with only slight modification.

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