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    Hi Baraza Team

    I must say i am very much impressed with your HR Management Solution, I am also glad its an open source thing i have some few things to ask.

    now my question?
    1. Do you have operational guide or a manual on how to go about the software

    2. how do you create account for your staff to login into the software and after trying it entity i gave me alot of error with the fill in colums.

    3. how to generate payslip for each stuff in to they specific account

    4. how to calculate the Tax 17.5 % and 12% Social Security contribution by the company and and 5% by the employee if you can help me out with that .

    5. how i can i upload my company logo into the database where its will be indicated for printout for payslips and also invoices.

    Thanks alot and i hope to hear from you soon.


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    1. The operational guide is https://portal.dewcis.com/confluence/display/HCM/

    2. Once you create an employee, the details are created you can check under Administration -> Entitys

    3. Once you generate the payroll, you get a payslip for every employee check http://demo.openbaraza.org/hr/index.jsp?xml=payroll.xml&view=110:0

    4. Check on how i configured the 5% here http://demo.openbaraza.org/hr/index.jsp?xml=payroll.xml&view=2:0:0&data=2

    5. If you have the downloaded version replace logo.png on the reports folder

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