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    1. install Postgresql above version 9.2

    Windows Installation
    – Download the setup file and install

    { To make the installation easier you can set the password for user postgres during the installation to Baraza2011 }
    { Remember to change it for a live deployment }

    2. install Java version 1.7.30 and above

    3. Download and unzip it on any folder

    4. Run the Setup by double clicking on setup.bat in app folder

    5. Click on
    Test Connection – {To test connection to the database}
    Save Configurations – {In case you change user name or password connecting to the database }
    Create New – {Create a new blank database}
    Create Demo – {Create a demo database}

    6. Running the appplication
    Double click on :

    7. Go to browser http://localhost:9090/hr

    Application :
    IDE :

    8. If you have many applications to run in tomcat downlaod the hcm.3.0.2.war
    No DB configuration will be needed. There is a README file for the .war in the war folder

    username root
    password baraza

    DEMO Accounts

    Applicants – baraza

    dc.joseph.kamau – baraza

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    Participant must i run server.bat every time i need to run the web application?

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    You can install tomcat and deploy the war file then tomcat will run as a service

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