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    To create a new period Go to Operations>> Periods
    Create a new period.
    Add the start date, end date and make sure you check the Opened and Activated check-boxes.

    To generate member contributions
    Go to Operations>> Contributions
    Select the month that you’d like to generate contributions for and at the bottom left of the Contributions window, click on the Generate contributions button.

    Once the members give you a payment:
    Go to Operations>> Contributions >> Receipts
    Add a new receipt.
    Narrative is a short description of the receipt you’re adding.
    Ref Number is where you a reference of the payment, eg. a cheque number or transaction number
    This will pay all the unpaid contributions that the member has, that the given amount can cater for.

    If your chama has the options of merry go round, ensure you add the merry go round number of each member as you add the members. Once a contribution has been paid, the member receiving on the specific month will be displayed under the drawings grid.

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